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Berry Tractor of Springfield Participates in Panel Discussion Featuring Senator Roy Blunt


Berry Tractor of Springfield was privileged to be invited to participate in a panel discussion hosted by Hunter Chase & Associates alongside Hartman & Company featuring Missouri U.S. Senator Roy Blunt on Wednesday, May 30, 2018. The discussion centered around how the Tax Cuts & Job Act, signed in December, has had positive impacts on local business industries and improved the economy at both the local and national level.

Both Mary Beth Hartman, President of Hunter Chase and Brian Bettencourt, P.S.S.R. for Berry Tractor along with local business officials from the Springfield area were asked to describe how their businesses had shown significant improvement since the tax reform bill had been passed. Many of the benefits that local businesses have noted have been the ability to offer more jobs, as well as bonuses for their current employees. It can also be seen in the local area through the many infrastructure improvements being made in roads and bridges in the Southwest Missouri area. At Berry Tractor, there has been increased demand for more inventory as well as an upswing in both Parts & Services, especially in the Springfield area.

Berry Tractor is proud to support its local communities as well as its loyal customers by investing its energy and resources to help out with the long-lasting effects that appear to be benefitting these businesses from the Tax Cuts and Job Bill. Many of Berry Tractor's customers and customers' employees have reported that they have increased work and work output, which has a direct effect on their pocketbooks. The positive effects of this bill shows a bright outlook for the future of American industries.

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